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South Harbour. Love betrayal and murder. Logline and Synopsis


‘South Harbour’ Synopsis by David Colane

A crowd gathers in Hamley church to say farewell to a special friend. Iconic fashion designer Elizabeth Gilmore has died whilst sailing the Solent. The coroner’s finding of accidental death leaves many questions; one man is determined to find the answers.
Inside the church beneath the holy cross sits a man with no tomorrow. Oblivious to the pains of others or words of condolence his anger supersedes them all. Mutterings of vengeance and violent intentions have no place in this house of God.
Elizabeth’s rapid rise to fame and fortune was legendary as was her generosity towards worthy causes, but she had made enemies along the way. Too many memories cause Ross to move away. He buys an historic beamed cottage on the Dorset coast.
South Harbour seems the perfect haven and Ross soon makes many new friends. Sadly he makes an enemy of the pub landlord, bully boy and wife beater Tom Brennan.
Feared by all, Brennan comes unstuck when he violently manhandles an old timer in front of a crowded pub. Ignoring the objections voiced by the local patrons he throws the poor soul out into the pouring rain. Ex university rugby blue Ross is incensed and knocks Brennan out. The old man turns out to be Brennan’s wife’s cancer ridden father.
Following a phone call from a mutual friend Ross rings the manager’s office and request’s to see a CCTV tape covering a Southampton car park on the morning Elizabeth had died. He sees his wife in what appears to be a compromising situation two hours prior to her body being found floating in the Solent. Resisting the sexual advances of Lucille the car park manageress Tom invites the local police to take a copy of the CCTV tape.
With help from her secretary at the time Ross searches through Elizabeth’s personal office diary and paperwork. In a drawer that had remained unopened since her death they find a condolences card. RIP Elizabeth Gilmore. It was dated two weeks before her death. The secretary suggests three possible senders of the card based on recent events.
There are several verbal confrontations between Ross and Tom Brennan. On one occasion Ross sees bruises on Denise’s arms following celebrations the night before during which she had kissed him and wished him a happy birthday. Ross threatens Brennan and storms out of the pub. Brennan’s body is found on the quay four hours later. At 6.30 am Ross Gilmore is taken in for questioning. 8 am Denise’s father walks into the police station and confesses to killing Tom Brennan in self defence.
Lucille, wild and willing proves to be invaluable becoming Ross’s eyes and ears as he searches for a mystery vessel that may have been involved in Elizabeth’s death. Desperate to exercise her nymphomaniac tendencies Lucille eventually catches Ross in a vulnerable mood and devours him in her office.
There are several scenes of violence throughout our story but none as dangerous as Lucille coming face to face with a ruthless killer. She has to die... she knows too much!

South Harbour also contains many scenes of love and humour making it a family film.
David J Colane.