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Salvador the Spy synopsis/logline

Logline-During the dark quiet night of Maplesville and Nibbleville, something is always going on causing all cats to lock their doors. Just when the town is ready to give up, a stranger appears. He wears a long black leather coat and a newsboy hat.

Synopsis- Salvador the spy is a story about a cat who is a sly, smooth talking spy. He is very calm, cool, and collected. He always has a toothpick in his mouth and he never gets upset or angry. He carries a briefcase full of gadgets that only he can get a hold of. He hears about crimes that haven't been solved in different towns so he normally shows up to help. The local law enforcement are never happy to see him because they think he is trying to take over their town. He always hands then his card but sticks around and ends up solving the crimes. After he solves a crime he will leave the police station with these words. "The name is Salvador the Spy. There's not a case too big nor too small that I can't solve." Then leaves whistling off to the next town. Now with time running out, Salvador the Spy must help solve the crimes of Maplesville and Nibbleville, or the town cats will continue to be afraid at night and have no other options but to wait for local law enforcement.

Angela Long