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People In The Curtains

"People In The Curtains" is a three part television mini-series about a ten year old boy named Aaron, who discovers he can see faces in almost any surface. He also realizes he's somehow acquired the gift to sketch their likeness onto paper with great proficiency. These new abilities not only bring him unasked for attention, but cause him torment and terror.

Re: People In The Curtains

These new abilities not only bring him unasked for attention

What does that mean?

Re: People In The Curtains

"Unasked for attention" is when the grownups around him notice his artistic talents and accuse him of fraud. They don't see the faces he sees and can't understand how he can create such artwork. Aaron himself can't understand it either. We later learn, that the faces/creatures he sees are a reflection of his own inner feelings and after a brutal attack on his mother, these images become very dark and threatening. He needs to cope with what he sees and finally learns how to ignore most of them.

Let me know if you'd like a synopsis.

Re: People In The Curtains

no. I mean, the grammar is wrong.