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The Mission-New Thirller Drama

Hai, I have more than 15 years experience as an assistant director and an assistant writer in Tamil film and Television industry. Worked as an assistant for more than 100 short films, 200 TV Episodes, and a few commercials, in Tamil Film and Television Industry, without film credit and worked as an assistant director for more than 15 years in the Archer Studio. For all these years I am helping in the research and assisting in the writing several pitches and screenplays with Director Mr. Anbu Snegithan, a filmmaker and film writer who also ran an advertising agency.

I studied 3 years diploma in computer technology in Government Polytechnic Tiruchirappalli, after finished SSLC in Bishop Heber Higher Secondary School, Puthur, Tiruchirappalli.

Following is my script Synopsis:


A girl from a wealthy family was abducted by an unknown masked person. He demands the ransom of 100 million dollars from her father. She tries to escape from his abduction. During this situation, He explains about her father's crime and how his money and power prevent the judgment. She never trusts his words. Her boyfriend comes to rescue her, he also seems to captivate. Abductor blackmails her, if she makes any move to escape from here, her boyfriend will be dead. She should behave carefully, because her boyfriend chose to save her life over his life. Though he shows the photos, videos of the crime her father committed, she is not satisfied with his words. His father agreed with his crimes. He got his money from her father, After he gets money from her father, her father blackmails him back, I did everything for my daughter. Without her nothing is important to me, if she does not return home safely within the hour, he will go to the district attorney office and confess himself. You will be doomed. After his arrival, she makes her effort to escape from him. She attacks him hard and goes away. But money is locked in the room. Her boyfriend tells her to go home. But she wants her father's money back which is the resultant of his father's hard work. She never wants her father to lose in this battle. Boyfriend tries to convince her, but he fails to make it right. Angered boyfriend leaves her all alone. During a series of efforts to escape from the abductor, she kills him. After she knows that the abductor is her Boyfriend. She realizes he pretends as an abductor and also performed as a boyfriend. She recalls his words. He is a loyal and idealistic person, as far as she knows. Then she realized her father is a criminal. She saves his name as a protector of her, and the kidnapper fled away with money, she adds. She also spilled the information that she never saw him, and unable to identify. She distributes the money to the victims.

I have several screenplays, those are solicited by Indian law.. Will accept those for the next process?
Please regret if you find this is inappropriate.
Thanking you
Ganesh Padmanaban Sundararajan