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Spec-script for : THE MONEY RUN


Threatened by The DEA of prison-time for transporting illicit Cartel money from Dallas Texas to Nuevo-Laredo Mexico, Elias and Bobby attempt to outsmart The DEA and The Mexican Cartel by staging their disappearance and steal ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Can send :
The Complete Screenplay and Release Form


Please allow me to pitch a low budget film for the purpose of submitting to film festivals.

This script is specifically written to be produced/filmed inexpensively.

Genre : Drama
Action Drama
Adult Content/Language



This 98 page screenplay outlines the details of a meticulous plan conducted by two 30 year old guys (Ely and Bobby), who for over a year have transported drug-money (once a week) from Dallas to Nuevo-Laredo Mexico for The Castro Cartel.

Given the choice of testifying against the Castro Cartel or going to prison for 12-15 years, Ely and Bobby intend to make one last MONEY-RUN, simulate their disappearance, and steal ONE MILLION DOLLARS belonging to the Cartel.

In preparation the duo makes two trips from Dallas to Laredo Texas.

THE FIRST TRIP; is a practice run to prearrange each stage needed to execute their upcoming plan.

From their hometown of Dallas, they drive Bobby’s SUV to San Antonio Tx. and rent a two-car storage space, where they intend to unload THE MILLION DOLLARS during next-weeks actual MONEY RUN. Bobby and Ely continue their trip south to Laredo Tx. where they rent another two-car storage space needed for a later stage of their plan. They leave Bobby’s SUV at the Laredo storage space and take a Greyhound Bus back to Dallas.

THE SECOND TRIP; out of Dallas is the actual MONEY RUN.

The Cartel has prepared a vehicle that is loaded with ONE MILLION DOLLARS hidden inside the seats, the dash, the door panels, the floor, the ceiling, the trunk and the trunk panels.

As usual, Ely and Bobby’s job is to drive the vehicle south on I-35 into Nuevo-Laredo Mexico within 7-8 hours.

The viewers are taken through every stage of this two-day bait and switch scheme. Unfortunately through of some bad luck and a tiny flaw in their over-all plan when unloading the MILLION DOLLARS in San Antonio, Bobby and Ely’s dream of taking the money and living the good life at the foothills of The Colorado Rockies is horribly derailed and ultimately changes their future plans.

Can send:
The Complete Screenplay and Release Form

Jim Marshall Phd.