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Yellow Eye - Horror Thriller

Logline: A psychiatrist becomes a murder suspect when he joins a Vietnam veteran to search for his wife after Bigfoot kidnaps her in a national park.

Doctor Kip Kalvin and his wife, Georgie are unaware they have hit a Yellow Eye (Bigfoot) with their car on their way to a cabin in an isolated tourist town. When the couple stops at a general store, they encounter Harlan Boone, a drunken Vietnam vet who suffers from post-traumatic stress and delusions of combat.

After Kip is given a citation for a missing license plate by Sheriff Diggs, a cantankerous lawman obsessed with Wyatt Earp, things go from bad to worse. The Kalvins find the mangled body of their dog, its belly ripped open. That same night, Harlan shows up at the cabin with an AK-47 tranquilizer rifle. He's tracking Bigfoot.

In the morning, Kip calls Sheriff Diggs to complain about Harlan’s antics but he’s less than sympathetic. When Georgie goes to the car, a Yellow Eye grabs her and carries her off into the trees. When his wife disappears, Kip is convinced by a set of fresh tracks that a Yellow Eye has kidnapped her but Sheriff Diggs suspects murder and arrests Kip. Handcuffed, Kip escapes from the patrol car and accepts help from Harlan, despite his contempt for the ex-Marine.

Fugitives in Redwood National Park, Kip and Harlan search for Georgie until they are captured by Marshal Zondi, a federal marshal. After Zondi’s team of men are ambushed and killed off by a Yellow Eye, Kip and Harlan fall into a mountain cavern where they discover Georgie and Ruby Bingham, a local girl who was reported missing several years ago.

Held hostage by the Yellow Eye, they escape out of the cavern but the Yellow Eye is hot on their trail.

I write well-executed supernatural thrillers, action and dark historical with multi-cultural characters for an international audience. I am a pitch winner and my scripts have placed as a finalist in prominent screenplay competitions.