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Awesome Mickey. It's about time we speak out. Actors and Hollywood is nothing, without our scripts. Imagine watching a Movie, TV, or even a Commercial unscripted. I understand there are hundreds of thousands of scripts, and all can't be produced, BUT, Trailers could be and let the public decide what to produce. They have Rotten Tomatoes AFTER the production - too late. Like Infomercials, a Production Company could make Trailers for a small fee, post them on a Site and let the public and Major Producers vote on what to produce. The Trailer Producer would get a percentage of any sales. As it is now, Producers or anyone, for that matter, can't really see, feel, taste, and grasp the writers true concept. In the medical field, had you rather be operated on, based on a paragraph of your symptoms, or a complete workup with Lab Results? On well, just my misguided thoughts. I love writing and know others, like me, are proud of their work. It's amazing, a Premise hits us, when we're on the toilet, we can't wait to get to a keyboard, work our brains to death writing and rewriting, thinking and overthinking, giving up golf Tee-Time, to have our pride-and-joy, a year of more later, shrunk to a Logline, and adorning our office drawer for the remainder of our lives.

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I lost my job as a stage designer. I left without making a scene.