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Movie: My Friends Call Me Billy

I have no idea how to make a movie. However I have an IDEA for a true story for a movie. The story is a dramatization of the night at a saloon, somewhere between the border of Arizona and New Mexico where there was a fateful meeting between two of the most famous characters in Western history. This was when a young Wyatt Earp (late 20's) meet an even younger man who would be known as "Billy the Kid". Billy was in his early 20's at the time (they were actually less than 10 years apart in age). The evening ended with Billy riding off on WYATT's own horse! Billy was quite a character if he could steal the most famous rifleman in the world's horse! I am sure Wyatt's rifle was with him, it never left him in those days. Nevertheless while Wyatt probably had the right to shoot Billy, since Billy was stealing Wyatt's horse, Wyatt did NOT shoot Billy. Instead he yelled "What is your name?". Billy answered as he was riding away "My friends call me Billy!" Let's make this movie!!! (it could obviously be low budget).