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Feature Screenplay Blind Side Of The Heart

Log Line: A blind writer and his young protege meet a mysterious neighbour and soon find out that he’s not just mysterious but extremely dangerous.


A few years before the story begins, Tony Shaw a famous mystery writer, was blinded in a car accident. Today, he just starting to turn the corner off self-pity street, with the help of his wife Olivia and a young friend and aspiring author, David Hopkins.

But things are still a bit rocky. Olivia has been quite lonely for the past three years, and so when a handsome stranger, Alex Quinn, moves in down the hall and Tony invites him to dinner, an affair between Quinn and Olivia begins.

But Quinn is not what he appears. In fact, he is a ruthless industrial spy and sociopath, who specializes in killing the people who cooperate with him. Through David, Tony eventually finds out about both the affair and a murder Quinn has committed.

Tony and Olivia reconcile. But when Olivia tries to call off the affair Quinn will have nothing to do with it. So Tony, (with a little help from David and another friend) begins to work on Quinn in other ways, in the hope of forcing a confrontation in which Tony will get rid of Quinn once and for all. A tall order for a blind man.

Throughout the story, Tony is writing new work of fiction, which is used as an allegorical narrative device.