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Feature Length Screenplay: The Virgin Detective

LOG LINE: A well known fiction writer looking for a non-fiction story unwittingly becomes involved in a plot to extort money
from the mafia.


Even though they are local aristocracy, Emil Haven IV genuinely hates being a Haven.

He has spent most of his adult life doing un-Haven like things, yet still hoping to win, his father’s approval. A successful writer of crime fiction, Emil decides that maybe his father would approve if he
tackled a non-fiction story.

Unfortunately for Emil, as he does so, he becomes embroiled in a violent mafia takeover struggle, falls in love, with the widow of one of the struggle’s first victims, and must suffer through the death of an old and trusted friend, all which is very un-Haven like.

Through his detective pal, Inspector Gino Botticelli, Haven gets an up close and personal look at the inner workings of the mafia as together they try to piece together a trio of grisly murders.

Because of the murders, the Mafia war starts to veer off course and Haven suddenly becomes the unwitting pawn of Colonel Richard Kane, the mercenary hired to start the war in the first place, whose only interest is in salvaging, through blackmail of his employer, ‘Duke” Chiba, his $5 million fee.

The Virgin Detective is an intricately plotted crime drama. This draft features a narration by Haven. It is also set up for a sequel, which could be another feature or a series.