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Screenplay The Borthers Botticelli

LOG LINE: Three brothers of an Italian mob family work together to discover who killed their father and avenge his death.


When their father, Tino, a mafia don, is killed under mysterious circumstances his sons, Harry, Angelo and Lou Botticelli want to get to the bottom of the crime and punish the guilty party.

The Brothers Botticelli are hardly mafia royalty. Harry who ran the family's legit businesses, was framed for a robbery, but that was fixed, and he's fresh out of the joint. Angelo is a club owner and wannabe rock star who is in the process of re-forming his old band, and Lou, the youngest is a computer and electronics genius.

At first, all signs point to an internal power struggle and an uncle who wanted to take over the Botticelli empire, but as Harry and his brothers continue to investigate and peel back the layers, they find it is something that no one ever expected. Along the way, all three of the brothers realize that their combined skills are formidable in terms of getting to the bottom of the mystery of their father's death.

The Brothers Botticelli is a quick paced character drama that revolves around a family that is brought closer together by the tragedy of loss.

It was written as a made for TV movie with an open ending so that it could be spun into a series.