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Screenplay The Road Not Taken

LOG LINE: A successful advertising man returns to his family after a mental breakdown, and hopes that they will understand and forgive him.


Jason Roberts is living proof that the craziness of the advertising business can easily rub off on you.

Five years before the start of this story, Jason was a big time creative director at one of the hottest young agencies in the country. Then he snapped, suffering a nervous breakdown. Jason left the advertising business for a while, only to be coaxed back into it by a charming and high energy Irishman. His next breakdown came shortly thereafter, at another peak in Jason’s success and manifested itself in severe fashion. Leaving only a cryptic note to his wife Clare and his (then) 11 year old son, Dylan, Jason simply packs a bag and leaves.

The story begins with Jason’s return and examines the effect that his return has on both Clare, a former advertising art director, who has since gone back to work and Jody, now a budding young artist.

The main story takes place during the first few days of Jason’s return and is intercut with a series of flashbacks which tell the story up to the time of his departure.

The Road Not Taken is a character drama about a young family torn and apart by the stresses of ego and modern living. It’s also a story about the power that love has to heal even the deepest of wounds.