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Screenplay The Passion Of Johnny Vallone

LOG LINE: In his ambitious desire to profile a violent drug dealer, crime writer Johnny Vallone, finds his life turned upside down when he falls hopelessly in love with the dealer’s woman.

Johnny Vallone wasn’t looking to fall in love. Nor was he looking to have his life ravaged by a madman’s jealousy, or become a killer in order to simply stay alive. But that’s life in the big city.

Johnny is young undercover reporter for a crime tabloid. Through his connections in the local cocaine trade, he meets a crazy cocaine importer by the name of Raphael Sanchez. Stupidly, he falls hopelessly in love with Raphael's girlfriend, Tina.

This is the lynch-pin which draws him unwittingly into maelstrom of terror. Johnny is menaced by Raphael, who has discovered the affair, and is hell bent ruin Johnny’s reputation and his life. Johnny is pressured by Tina, who is, in actuality, only using him to escape
Raphael’s oppressiveness. And Johnny is in real fear for his life from the local drug dealers, whom Raphael threatens to cut off unless Johnny is dealt with.

These intense pressures lead Johnny to desperate measures which he may just end up regretting forever.

The Passion of Johnny Vallone is taut and powerful murder melodrama, with that examines the destructiveness of jealously and the power of guilt.