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Christian Romantic Suspense movie series

I have a five book Romantic Suspense series that I think would make a great Christian movie(s). It is set up similar to Chicago Fire, MD, and PD with characters that interact with each other. Each book follows a new set of main characters, but the other characters reappear and play roles. The first book follows Cassidy - a female firefighter and Jordan - a detective. They deal with a stalker and missing children. Book 2 follows Brody - a doctor and Tia - a woman who crashes in Fire Beach but has no memory. Book 3 opens with Makenna - a police chief from a nearby town looking for Bubba - another fireman who's been running from his past. They have to find an arsonist. Book 4 follows Cara - an undercover military member studying a virus and Cole - the man trying to piece the clues together. They have to stop the virus and keep Cara safe. There is also a novella that follows a woman running from her past. Book 5 is just about to release and deals with human trafficking when Al's sister is taken. Book 6 will be going up for pre-order soon. This is an amazing series that has great read through and would make an excellent series of movies.