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Two movies based on real life events

I have an idea for two movies based on real life events.

1. My Friends call me Billy. This is the true story of the night at a saloon (of course) on the border of Arizona/New Mexico that a young Wyatt Earp (late 20's) actually met a young man (early 20's) commonly known as "Billy the Kid". The evening ended with Billy riding off on Wyatt's horse without Wyatt's permission. Wyatt could have shot Billy with his rifle (Wyatt was one of the best rifle shots that ever lived, certainly the best living at the time.) off Wyatt's horse. Instead Wyatt just yelled "What is your name?" Reply "My Friends Call me Billy!".

2. Dracula: The True Story. The true story of the Man who Bram Stoker would immortalize in perhaps the most famous fiction book ever written : Dracula. Dracula was a man who actually was known as "Drac the Impaler". Impaling was the method of torture he liked to inflict on his enemies. Few people know or care, I guess, that Dracula had a legitimate reason for his brutality. His country (which is now modern day Romania but was called Wachovia at the time) was being invading by the Turks. The Turks were of the Muslim faith and Drac was a very faithful Christian. Drac thought (rightly or wrongly) that he was saving his people from the nonchristian (heathen) Turks. His intense faith in His God was an important reason for his victory. Without him stopping the Turks in their tracks Europe would have been a diferent place than we know it today.