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Screenplay A Shadow On The Sun

LOGO LINE Somehow Jake Sloane knew this was going to be the week from hell, but it will also be the week when he saves the world.


This sci-fi story is set in the in the aftermath of a world war and an ecological holocaust, in the not too distant future. The last North American city left standing is controlled by the evil Jason Hogarth. The outlying desert wasteland is run by the rebel leader, Waldo Krone.

In the middle of all this is Jake Sloane, a respected television writer and privileged citizen, who lives alone in the desert outside of Hogarth City. Jake has a pretty good life going on, except for the visions he’s been having lately, everything is sort of cool.

It all starts going to hell, however, when he meets Crystal Franklin and foolishly begins lusting after her. Crystal, it turns out, is the daughter of Dr. Sam Franklin, who has perfected a method of inexpensive salt water detoxification/desalination process, which could turn the polluted, useless oceans into productive sources of fresh water. It is also an invention that would give its owner great wealth and absolute power over what’s left of the battered world.

After Dr. Sam’s death at the hands of Hogarth’s men, Jake and Crystal attempt to get her father’s secret into the hands of Waldo Krone before it falls into the hands of his arch-nemesis.

A Shadow On The Sun is a sci-fi drama, that could also be executed in animation.