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Chasing the En3my - A terrifying chain of grisly murders sends a Sheriff and two deputies on a fateful investigation. On to a truly psychotic killer who acts out their horrendous childhood trauma on their victims.

Nothing is What it Seems - A once in a lifetime massive family vacation was nothing more than a ruthless, single handed plan to lure everyone else straight into the hands of a human sacrificing cult for seven figure payout.

5 Mill Deep - A fearless newly widow is willing to commit as many sins necessary to collect all the dirty money needed to pay off her daughter’s ransom. But is not prepared for the unforeseeable aftermath of getting her daughter back.

Don’t Get 8 - This New Years is bringing a new resolution to everyone when a devastating zombie infection with 8 different types of mutation is unleashed all over the country at midnight.

The New Kid - An overnight class field trip turns into a gruesome massacre once the highly irrational newcomer retaliates on anyone who bullied her new acquaintance.

Evil in Men - Two siblings go on a spine chilling rescue mission to save a boatload of missing people from a disturbing isolated farmhouse. Belonging to an eerie multi generational cannibalistic family keeping them captive for horrifying reasons.

No Emotion - Everyone who attended the late night film was drugged, transported, and set up to play the deadly game, Senses of Survival.

Together Forever - Now on the run, gotta finesse a ton, it can never be undone. No time for flaw, when ducking the law, there’s only one way we fall.

Family Collector - Being given up on by too many families led him to only trust the toxic voices in his head. Whenever he comes in the presence of a wholesome family, the violent uncontrollable urge to erase what he never had takes over.

Generations of Abandonment - A feral child is rescued from the wilderness after a grueling decade out there. All because of his grandfather’s repulsive action against his mother which altered everyone’s life into a tragic demise.

Red for Green - A very calculated and conniving woman with an insatiable thirst for money and the utmost hatred for men is wiping out anyone, family or not for financial gain. ( True story )

The Riley Sisters - After killing their abusive father, three clever sisters carry out an elaborate plan to get away with the murder. If police manage to get the drop on them, it all comes down to who pulls the trigger first.

What is Not - A vile and wicked man is punished by having a spell cast upon him that locks him in his mind, forcing him to experience endless, utterly agonizing nightmares that always end in pure misery.

Connected - A desperate and determined father searching for his kidnapped son stumbles onto a highly intricate male only smuggling ring with deep ties to many supposed public figures.