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Magni Nominis Umbra

To Whom it May Concern,

Magni Nominis Umbra is a fast paced, fatalistic urban fantasy series that actuates readers’ emotions towards eternal and death as well as the perpetual gloom of reality on what’s it like to live forever.

Four Bloodlines of Immortality: Frigards, Mikaelsords, Parkersons, and Gerithons; are the last immortals existing in this modern world...or so they believe. This story mainly follows the Frigard sisters: Aster and Astrid Frigard as they unravel the beginning of many finalities. After losing Aster in ‘The Last Duel’, Astrid has become a lost cause for the last thousand year. She relentlessly hunts and kills stray immortals in the human world for the organization: Magni Nominis Umbra. However, all of their principles and beliefs will be turned into dust as it is revealed that Aster Frigard, the rightful heir, is alive and living the human life as the FBI Agent Fleur Christensen.

Currently, I am an independent writer with zero connections in this industry as I am only starting a new career. I am merely an aspiring writer whose dreams include inspiring and actuating people’s emotions by my own stories.

Thank you for your time considering this project. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
JC Delfin