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The Daemon Chronicles : The Son of Life

The Daemon Chronicles
A Son of Life (part 2)
The inception of the Messiah and Samael and their formative years. A story how it all came to pass
before The End.
Stemming from Messiah, we look into the origins of both princes, Cliff Devilin and Aaron Dominni.
This is their upbringing and how all it came to become. Guided by his father, Jack Devilin aka Sataniel,
Samael is brought up to be a false prophet. Loved and honored by many, the Devilin’s keep a close
eye on the Light of one boy who is in this world.
We witness how Adonai and Jesus, along with the heathen of Hell come into the young Messiah’s
life. It’s a battle of wits, from the spirit to the flesh. A schizophrenics true nightmare. But when all is
said and done, the young Messiah is called upon by the Intelligence Community and Department of
Defense. With the help of Hollywood, we get a better understanding of Aaron Dominni, Sataniel and
a few mysteries of Adonai.
Based on the book, “A Son of Life: The Triune of St. John The Immaculate” by Don De La Don.