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El Chicano

El Chicano
By Ian Maldonado
A well connected Pancho is an easy going guy, raised in the barrio’s of Albuquerque. Lowrider’s,
homies, family and the tight knit matter’s of friends and rivals is portrayed in this stylish look into the
lives of Chicano’s throughout the South West. But when Pancho’s rise to glory comes tumbling down
in the blink of an eye, he is destined for greatness with a little experience and hard work.
This is a story about Joe “Pancho” Otero and his family of friends. From the barrio’s of Albuquerque
to Southern California and East L.A., we travel along with Pancho and friend’s into the heart’s and
mind’s of young latino’s these days. When he get’s involved with drug’s, it’s a downhill slide only to
lead Pancho to bigger and better thing’s. A true story of hitting rock bottom and turning it all around
for the People. By the People.
A provocative look into one Chicano’s lifestyle that many can relate with.