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My Friends Call Me Billy (Proposed movie about the night that Billy the Kid actually met Wyatt Earp)

I would like to make a movie, based on a true story. I have someone to play one of the two main characters. That is my son who actually looks like one of the real main characters. My son actually looks like Wyatt Earp and he is the same age as Wyatt was when Wyatt would meet someone who would become just as famous in the old west as Wyatt eventually became. That person went by several names but you know him as "Billy the Kid". Though there are diferent versions of the story (some include Indians helping Billy and in others Billy was alone), the point is that at the end of the evening Billy was riding off on Wyatt's horse (without Wyatt's permission). The key point in the drama is that Wyatt had a chance to shoot Billy off Wyatt's horse as Billy was riding away. However, for some unknown reason, Wyatt spared Billy so he could die another day. Anyone interested in helping me with this please enmail me at wschumann@cox.net.