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Good Morning!
My name is Timothy Jace Gilbert Actor/Writer and I’ve written a highly captivating, historical drama called “Cush” that I would like to submit to you.

My first feature script is set in the ancient kingdom of Cush, a period piece of epic proportions chronicling life & time at the inception of civilization through the eyes of Noah. My script unearths never-before-told spectacular accounts of the rise of Noah's son Ham in the Northern African Cu****e Kingdom (which is present day Ethiopia). The story unfolds further through its exploration of the Powerful 25th Cu****e Dynasty that ruled Egypt from 744–656 BC with a climatic glimpse into epic battles of Biblical proportions driving the supernatural overtone felt throughout the entire story. In the end, a classic love affair would change the scope of Egypt forever.

I believe the riveting suspense in this period piece will appeal to a very wide audience, increasing its global viability. Please let me know if I can send you the script. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

I will also enclose a signed copy of a personal Release Agreement. If you are interested in this heartfelt, true story, please contact me at:

Tel: 404-268-9890

Thank you for your consideration