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screenplay submission

Hope everything is going well. This is Janilyn, a screenplay agent, from Goldman Advertising Agency. I represented the screenplay of our clients for submission. I’ve researched that your industry is a great one for screenplay production. I’ve got exceptional 20-page screenplays that I think would be great in your industry.


“It evokes curiosity. The overall concept is astoundingly relevant to present-day history buffs. It digs deep into ancient history. And the fact that it covers a time from back when the Jews and Romans were still at war is colossally impactful in a lot of ways.” (The Bard of Pendragon by Keith G Rasmusen)

“This is the story of one family bound to service in the military at a time when the world was being redefined. For a young girl, it was the adventure of a lifetime as she learned the secrets of finding her own way in that new world.” (War Ready: In My Father's Shadow by Mary Lou Darst)

Should you wish to read the screenplay manuscript? I would be happy to send you a full copy of the screenplay for your consideration. I look forward to your response.


Goldman Agency