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The Prophetess (Screenplay)

LOGLINE: A journalist encounters satanic activity while on assignment to write a book for a prophetess who casts out demons.


The Prophetess tells the story of a female journalist who is assigned to write a book about a prophetess’ life who expels demons. The prophetess lived the trauma of child sex trafficking then as an adult had a religious conversion. She gives birth to a son at the early age of twelve to only be estranged from him for many years.

The journalist, who is an atheist, is quickly swept up into the World of the supernatural. Her atheist ideology is stripped away, chapter by chapter, as she encounters supernatural phenomena that cannot be scientifically explained. The journalist becomes the target of a witch coven that does not want the book to be published. She discovers her fiancé, of two years, belongs to the very same witch coven that plotted her demise. After the book is published, the journalist discovers she has a bloodline linkage to the prophetess.