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Movie Book TV series and Doc series unknown Hero of our time

I have over for the last few years, been writing the series exploring the life and achievements of an inventor and hero of mine that no one knows about. A man who has for centuries hidden the inventions and war winning achievements from the world that is beyond belief, but in line with his family trait of no desire for acknowledgment, help those in need and offer a hand to prosper. Thanks to the people I work with/career and this mans family, I have written a movie screenplay and a TV doc series, and I am looking to find a producer to take it to the next level. I have no agent but am contracted to a high profile rock bands management and would like to meet someone that can take this project to the next step.

This maybe un orthodox but I would prefer any interested parties to email me directly, as what I have written and the personal encounters uncovered about the family is mammoth.

I have copyright in place and an NDR is the way forward as the content is something that will be remembered for all time, and the projects that will follow is unimaginable.

I hope to hear from the one and wish you happy holidays

DR and LH