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Re: Civilian A

The Origin:
Two best friends who are inspired by classic hero stories and discussed a superhero who would descend into criminal activity. This idea evolved into how a hero would suffer from the trauma involved in fighting against criminals, the pressure that brings and the horrible actions they would have to take.

Would Peter Parker manage to cope with the trauma that he witnesses while fighting crime? Could a normal person stay strong enough to continue the fight, without falling prey to coping mechanisms?

Human Hook:
How would a young man cope if he attempted to fight against crime and injustice? Could a young man do this without falling prey to addiction? Who else could understand what they are going through?

Everyone likes the idea of having superpowers. What would that really mean to be in the prime of your life and be given those abilities? What would your life be like with all the responsibility and at the same time, all of the flaws that come with being human.

Freddie Tell is just a young man, who is thrust into the criminal world, and his life becomes darker as he begins to understand the lines in morality and the lengths he has to go to fight injustice.

We meet Freddie having just unknowingly received his powers, keen to catch up with his best friend over a pint. Unaware of what his life is going to become.

Freddie’s desires are pure. He gets involved in crime to save a young man from a cruel fate and then that takes him down a path, where he decides that he has to do good with the abilities that he’s been given. However, he soon discovers that there is no such thing as purity in this world and Freddie ends up suffering as a result of the good that he wants to achieve.

Crippling addiction
Endangering his family and those he loves
Power structure of crime, corruption within the city
In a post pandemic world, where the government is protecting the kingpin of the city

Freddie will discover who is behind the abilities he was given, become the target in a nationwide manhunt, inspiring a cult who rise up against a corrupt government, become a mercenary for powerful authoritarian figures, murder police officers, clash with the most powerful criminal in the history of the city,, take enough drugs to sedate the whole of East London, unintentionally loses his escort girlfriend in a drug fuelled haze