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Re: Brooklyn Homicide/Pilot: "In Plain Sight"

J Paul Shively
When retirement beckons, yet the thrill of solving cold cases is more enticing. In the pilot episode, Detective Sanchez discovers the key to solving an old cold case is \"In Plain Sight.\"
INT: Nighttime. Single family residence,1991. (UNFORMATTED HERE)

We see the remnants of a teen party with beer bottles and the infamous red plastic cups scattered around.
B.G. party music plays on, the silhouetted legs of the killer walking slowly and methodically through the
living room as he steps over a body.

A TEENAGE BLONDE FEMALE, is hiding behind a sofa that separates the living room from the dining room.
The TEENAGE BLONDE FEMALE sees the killer at the same time he sees her. From the killers POV we see the
girl and hear her screaming, as we see the machete swing into the frame. As the arm dangles at his side,
we see a tattoo of a snake on his forearm.


We see the silhouette of an UNKNOWN MALE, never revealing him completely. We see a TV across the kitchen.
As the TV screen comes into focus and we see the news report.

Authorities aren't releasing much information so far. What we do know, is the as many as 8 teenagers
attending an unsupervised party have been brutally murdered. One neighbor may have seen the get away

We see a MALE step up next to the REPORTER

REPORTER: Mr. Berry, what can you tell us?

MR BERRY: Not much really, as I was taking out the trash. I saw a white Mustang hauling ass from the house
where those kids were killed.

REPORTER: Did you see the driver?

MR BERRY: Naw, happened to fast.

As the reporter continues VO: That's all we have for now. I am sure we have not heard the last of what
is now being called, the Nassau Street Murders.

Across a kitchen countertop, we see the UNKNOWN MALE pull a pair of hand cuffs and a holstered handgun from
a drawer and click them on his belt.

His arm with the same SNAKE tattoo, reaches for the TV remote and as he points it at the TV, the scene goes black.