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Title- It'll Be Fun He Said'

Logline - Two recently retired life long friends, in their 60's,find themselves in kind of a retirees no mans land. They've worked together at the same factory for over 30 years.That's gone. Now what?

Synopsis - Gerald Crest a.k.a.'Gill', finds himself at his life long friends kitchen table. He tries and eventually succeeds in convincing his buddy,known as Fooch, to accompany him on an adventure. They're going to hitch-hike across Canada from Kitchener Ontario to Edmonton Alberta over 2000 miles, to surprise an old friend who is about to retire. Gill claims to have a can't miss secret weapon for hitch-hiking. Gill has always liked to try new things while Fooch is a born skeptic. Their journey takes them ten days to complete. During those ten days they find themselves in the company of many unusual characters experiencing many unusual situations all the while rubbing shoulders with the locals in small remote communities. Through the entire journey, because of their conflicting personalities, they are constantly arguing and insulting each other.

Although fictional it's inspired by real events and real characters.

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