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The most compelling Scifi thriller ever

.This is my new story for Krishna and his pasttimes
The protaganist goal is to remember all his previous births and for
that he sends signs that would be remembered by him in his next birth
1000 years later. The last refuge, the cause of all cause, the supreme
enjoyer had planned it long ago. The same consciousness that carries
the celestial sudarshan chakra now is known by many.Tutankhamun the pharaoh king
knew the world would collapse simply cease to exist if the sun god
gets born in the morning. Similarly the king of Jaipur Jai Singh had
it constructed mammoth scientific dials and other vast structures of
which only traces remains by his men to recreate exact planetary
positions when Krishna was born as human and to get an idea about his
next incarnation i.e. birth.

Could it have been possible? It just seems out of place. Was it some
kind of acquired knowledge? So many civilizations lost in time just to
hint at his arrival?
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