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impossible escalation -homor

."Impossible escalation"- 2022
GENRE: Comedy, contemporary, Political satire- humor, Graphic Novel/comics
Logline: bizarre politicians are dragging the world into a hallucinatory war!
DESCRIPTION: The story of unscrupulous politicians dragging the world through unnecessary bloodshed and wars to achieve their selfish ambitions.
This is a mad story of two presidents with big dreams of ruling the world by themselves. They must resort to unsavory means of deceit, bribery, and corruption to achieve their goals.
This novel is set in the Fata Morgana desert. Alexander Monro - President of the free union(Contains about half of worldwide most important countries)-versus Suleiman Aswad - President of the free forces(Contains the other half of worldwide most important countries).they are engaged in an intense battle for power in the desert. Union's Vice president Barney Chaplin doesn’t believe in this war. Nevertheless, he is sent to the front against his will to entertain the troops. This proves to be a risky endeavor with his life to stake to keep the soldiers happy. The battle proves to be a trying affair as it forced old and famous Hollywood actors to act as deadly commando soldiers and go beyond enemy lines. Barney gets captured and looks to be executed until Monro plans a put in place to rescue him. Other countries and international organizations are restricted from intervening in this dire situation. Eventually, both leaders are accused of war crimes. To escape the consequences of their actions, they pull out a doomsday device to hold the world at ransom until something goes very wrong. AS this story progresses, we learn about the darker parts of human nature, such as greed, self-centeredness, and immorality. It also sheds light on the struggle in the fight for human survival. "Impossible Escalation” is a story for anyone who cares about what the future says for him, his family, humanity, and the world as a whole. Everyone should watch it/

• A feature film (114 pages- available)
• T.V. series (330 pages-available)
• A film in three sequels in the style "Lord of the Rings" (first draft)
• An animated film/series (first draft)
• Graphic Novel/comics (first draft)
• Movie/series for the internet
• Movie/series for mobile
• Computer/mobile game
• All kinds of merchandise
oto samples/comics samples are available