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Yawm Jamiil. Query Letter.

Dear Sir/Madam, My latest is a one hundred and forty seven page script entitled Yawm Jamiil. Good family movie for all ages. Situated in the outskirts Of Dubai. After a day out with his camels, a local named Hedaia is making his way back to his small farm. He stumbles across a young English boy laying on the desert sand dehydrated. Hedaia takes him back to his small farm and cares for him. He comes to realize that he is also suffering from amnesia. Later Hedaia is informed by a good friend, that an English couple were found dead in the desert. As Hedaia and the English boy develop a close bonding, Hedaia sells his goods and they head to his cousin's farm in Oman, In the outskirts of Muscat. Years later with false documents, the English boy, Yawm Jamiil, is off to oxford university, where he finds the love of his life, Andrea. As Andrea and Yawm Jamiil are making wedding arrangements, Hedaia has been taken into castody for the kidnapping of Yawm Jamiil. The story ends well but has a twist that will make the audience cry. Thank you for your time. If you are interested, I can send you a formatted Hard copy.