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"The Revolutionist" --- Screenplay based on the best-sellng novel "Scaramouche" by Rafael Sabat

In 1921, Raphael Sabatini wrote an exciting, best-selling, action-adventure novel called “Scaramouche” that takes place during the French Revolution.

“Scaramouche” is one of my favorite novels. I have written a screenplay adaption of “Scaramouche” called “The Revolutionist” that is true to this exciting novel. My screenplay has a “Recommend” rating from a professional screenplay reader.

If you have never experienced the pleasure of reading “Scaramouche,” here is a logline summary of the plot:

Logline for “The Revolutionist” ---

Once he was André-Louis Moreau, a young lawyer raised by the nobility, unconcerned with the growing discontent among France’s lower classes—until a powerful aristocrat murders his best friend in cold blood. Andre then becomes Scaramouche, an outlaw and relentless avenger of his friend’s death, and his path to vengeance sparks political violence and the French Revolution.

Genre: Historical action-adventure and romance

The novel, and my screenplay, has a larger-than-life hero, a beautiful and willful heroine who the hero loves, a ruthless antagonist, a love triangle, and a great twist ending.

Set during the French Revolution, this best-selling novel of swashbuckling romance and fierce political conflict is also a thought-provoking commentary on class, inequality, and the individual’s role in society—a story that has become Rafael Sabatini’s enduring legacy. It is as relevant to America today as it was in 1921 when the novel was first published (the novel is in the public domain).
Sabatini also wrote the novel, “Captain Blood,” which was made into a famous movie with Errol Flynn.

Please let me know if you would like to receive more information about “The Revolutionist,” or to read the full screenplay.

I have also written another screenplay called “Calumet K,” based on the exciting novel with the same title.

Thank you for your consideration.