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Red eyes

20ish year old girl woke up one day after having the strangest dream or nightmare per say. Her dream was about this red eyed monster that was going after the biggest family in town and eating everyone on his way. The girl told her best friend, family, and boyfriend but everyone just shook it off as a dream. You see the largest family in the city was hers..... a few days go by and she forgets all about it. Then the following morning the city split into two sides and met in the middle by water, but the water was beaming red? It was a hell hole. Out comes this tiny little monster that has 4 legs and almost just looks like a spider with bright red eyes. Then all of a sudden he starts eating, and growing! The more he eats the larger he gets! The girl found her family and had them hide, but that wasn't enough. The red eyed beast found them. While they were running she remembered that in her dream they found out that because of the monsters red eyes, that's all he sees. He only sees eyes, bright red eyes. So if you close your eyes he won't be able to find you. As they kept running and hiding the family, along with other people in the way just kept going one by one. First her siblings. Then her mom. Her dad had an idea to hide in a restraunt with multiple levels. It worked until it didn't. The monster then got the dad. Then the girl. The city spilt again with the beaming red water and the monster went back down to hell. Later that day the best friend had reported in the newspaper what had happened and she ended up finding that this happens every 100 years. The red eyed monster comes up, eats, goes back. Everytime someone has the dream of the monster, that family is marked.