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The Incredible Life of Joey Coletta

Title: The Incredible Life of Joey Coletta
Genre: Drama, Family
Logline: A young boy is plucked from obscurity to become the star of a family sitcom in the 1950s. But will his real-life family survive?


THE INCREDIBLE LIFE OF JOEY COLETTA is a unique and intense project. It is a coming-of-age story that addresses the consequences of greed, abuse of power, and family tension.

This is the story of a young boy, Joey, who is given the opportunity to become a Hollywood star in a new sitcom, but while dealing with an alcoholic, abusive director, he’s tasked with reconnecting his parents that have polarized opinions on Joey entering the film industry during
the golden age of television.

Joey will come to learn that although his family isn’t “picture perfect” like his show family, it’s the only family he has, and he needs to nurture his relationship with his parents while he’s still young.

This movie will appeal to audiences of all ages, who will enjoy a very intimate and lifelike story with a satisfying and heartwarming ending.