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Got Any More Bullets, Sister?

FORMAT: Feature

GENRE: Comedy, Crime, Action

LOGLINE: Two siblings struggling as vendors in 1930 Cleveland seek to better their lives...but while one woman decides to enter music, her sister chooses a life of crime.

SYNOPSIS: It's the summer of 1930...and ELLEN WORKMAN and her sister FLORENCE, the daughters of grocers, aren't cutting it as apple vendors in Cleveland. The night after they pack it in, Ellen takes her little sis "quail hunting..." but it's actually a murder-robbery at a gas station. That does it...for Florence, who wants to become a gangster after reading a newspaper article about underworld king RICARDO RINALDI. The next day, Ellen (who'd rather be a nightclub pianist) and Florence reach an employment agency...only to end up working for bootlegger VALENTINA PERLOZZO, who advertised for truckers. While Florence more than embraces the chance (and eventually moves up the underworld ladder), Ellen contents herself with fixing the Perlozzo gang's vehicles...when not tickling the keys, and becoming a hit, at a nightclub the gang services (and robs). When Florence takes over the Cleveland mob and HER FELLOW GANGSTERS celebrate, she almost rubs her big sis out. But Ellen wins out in the end: She and sweetie HENRY HAWBAKER get their own radio show...and Florence gets rubbed out. (Or does Florence?)