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Fine Tooth Comb

FORMAT: Feature

GENRE: Comedy, Family, Music, Teen

LOGLINE: Inspired by a videotape, a teenager in 1994 Davenport, IA forms her own band with the hopes of playing at the local Dixieland jamboree, the Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival.

SYNOPSIS: It's Saturday, October 29, 1994...when a VCR tape of highlights from a local (Davenport, IA) Dixieland jazz festival inspires 15-year-old trumpeter SHAUNDRA HAYES to form her own band for a shot at playing at next year's event. Despite teasing from CLASSMATES, she and 16-year-old best buddy (and church pianist) MICHELLE LITTLEFIELD set out to find bandmates...even landing hopefuls (the youngest is 10!) in the lower grades when Davenport's high schools prove lacking. The band is a septet until 12-year-old firebrand MISSY WAITES joins up on clarinet...and helps the act, now called Fine Tooth Comb, land a gig. The gig doesn't prove enough to persuade the festival's promoters to book the band for 1995...until they find trouble landing a replacement act for the Spartans, Shaundra's favorite Dixieland group. As things turn out, Fine Tooth Comb brings down the house at the festival.