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Living A Double Life

The novel has had great reviews!

There's action and drama, love and lies all over these pages. And you know something? it was great to have a heroine to cheer for!
Mary Craig, United States
via Amazon

The world is always looking for an adventure to join and an underdog to root
for. The movie also allows for diverse and marketable casting. Additionally,
this is a great opportunity for a Black actress to lead an action-suspense


As Latrese, a budding lawyer, prepares to start a new life with her beau,
Drake, she must face Hank, the other man in her life who could also stand to
ruin it. There's only one problem, Hank has no intention of letting Latrese go.
Mixed up in an underground and illegal escort industry, involving several high-
profile politicians and athletes. Latrese desperately solicits help from Hank's
assistant, Sheila, to permanently cut ties with her secret life of escorting.

And why would an attorney risk her career by being an escort? Latrese did
an unethical thing for Hank by fixing a case to his favor and now he is
blackmailing Latrese into continuing to be his moneymaker. For Latrese, it's
now or never for her to break free and live a normal life. While Latrese is
staring down the barrel of a shotgun, she finds an unlikely hero in another
one of Hank's employees, her driver, CJ. Freedom seems to be one thing that
unites these contrasting characters in this action-packed suspense journey.