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The Mineral Curse

TV Pilot

Based on the thriller novel by Joey O'Connor.

GENRE: Thriller

LOGLINE: A grieving human rights lawyer must rescue his former fiancée kidnapped in the Congo by a cryptocurrency titan set on controlling the world’s mineral resources.


Dr. KAI BALDWIN is the Indiana Jones of human rights. He is a famous university professor and human rights lawyer who has brokered peace among nations. But, after the mysterious death of his father in the Congo and a broken engagement with the love of his life, infectious disease expert Dr. BROOKE RYAN, Kai is a peacemaker with no peace. He vows to never return to his childhood home in the Eastern Congo.

In Dubai, tech billionaire LUCAS GOFFIN summons a cabal of mineral kingpins to lay out his plans for controlling the world’s mineral resources. If Goffin can control the minerals, he can rule the world. After gathering Ebola samples in a Congo village, Brooke and Dr. FABRICE MANZA narrowly escape an angry mob. Returning to Goma, they encounter a wounded child soldier, DANTE INFERNO, escaping the infamous warlord, JEAN-PAUL NKULU. After Nkulu and his men pose as UN soldiers to kidnap Brooke, Kai boards the first plane to the Congo.

In Switzerland, Goffin hosts the Cryptocurrency Financial Forum, where he announces the worldwide distribution of his free Eden satellite phone embedded with 10,000 Globe cryptocurrency tokens. Financial markets collapse and governments cry foul. The Eden, Goffin’s Trojan Horse, commands the world’s attention.

Kai arrives in Goma, where he and Fabrice meet with UN Force Commander XAVIER DUPONT. Dupont expresses his sympathy but warns of an imminent volcanic eruption of nearby Mt. Nyiragongo. Kai argues with Dupont yet suffers a worse blow when he learns Dupont is engaged to Brooke. Kai will not be stopped. A mad search for Brooke ensues in Goma’s busy streets, colorful bars, militia soldier rehabilitation worksites, and nearby jungle.

Nkulu whisks Brooke to Goffin’s lair in Gbadolite, an abandoned nuclear bunker deep in the Congo jungle. There, Goffin will launch rockets to destroy satellites and use a Quantum computer to take over the entire Internet with the Globe blockchain. Goffin orders Brooke to weaponize a worldwide swarm of drones with Ebola so he can bring governments to their knees and control the world’s mineral resources. Brooke resists, but Goffin doubles down by threatening to kill Kai's sister, JESSE, and her two children.

In Goma, the volcano erupts, sending panic through the city. When Nkulu returns to Goma, Kai and Fabrice find him secretly meeting with Dupont. Kai discovers Dupont has betrayed Brooke and Nkulu reveals his militia shot down his father’s plane. Dupont and Nkulu escape but are cornered by lava flow. A UN helicopter and troops rush Kai, Fabrice, and Dante to Gbadolite. A fierce battle begins. Kai and Fabrice access the bunker, but Fabrice is wounded. Kai squares off against Goffin, who holds Brooke and is ready to launch the rockets. Kai faces the ultimate dilemma: Save Brooke or the world? A vicious fight ensues. Kai defeats Goffin and rescues Brooke. The story ends with Kai sliding a diamond ring on Brooke’s finger along the shores of Goma’s Lake Kivu.

Joey O'Connor

Joey O’Connor was raised by fourth-generation morticians and lived to tell about it. His emotionally moving stories reflect authentic characters who overcome obstacles as they navigate the high-stakes challenges of love, desire, grief, and loss. His multiple award-winning pilot, Among Kings, ranks in the Top 3% on Coverfly's Red List - Historical Television (co-written with Ken Straw).

Joey is the author of 22 award-winning books and screenplays. He is also the founder of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, a Southern California non-profit organization. Joey lives in San Clemente, where he loves to go to the beach, read, and fall asleep. He’s also an Ironman athlete who lives with the intimate knowledge that writing is an endurance sport.