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We're All Gonna Die!
Feature Film

GENRE: Horror/Slasher

LOGLINE: After doing something deadly, a group of college goers are under treat when somebody from the town of Panorama begins to target and kill the townspeople, one after the other. Now living their very own slasher story, Jenna and her friends have to band together to stop this killer before their story turns into another horror movie. It’s I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Scream.

SYNOPSIS: One year ago, a group of college students are out at Panorama when one of them is killed. A year later, it seems that the person killed a year ago, might have actually survived. The friends must come together when an anonymous killer starts to target the group in old fashion slasher style. The group and townspeople need to stop this killer if they want to survive to their own slasher story and unmask the killer before it’s too late.

BIO: Jamie Trouncelle is an award-winning Script Supervisor. He has several years of experience within the filming industry, and he is only getting started. From a young age he has always been drawn to film and television, dissecting everything he watches, which will in turn help him later on in his life. He is passionate and driven and always strives for the best. Born and raised in Cape Town, he started creating short films with his family members which later ended with 'Family Movie Premieres', and with the support from his family, he only exceled further.
Jamie is a versatile individual, not only does he have Screenwriting under the helmet, but he has experience in Directing, Producing, Editing, Costume & Styling, Acting, and Script Supervising.
Jamie's written several short and feature length scripts, as well as TV Pilots, where some have already been selected at International Film Festivals.
Writing stories has been an escape for Jamie, it's allowed him to create a world within his mind and bring onto paper that he hopes one day at least one person can relate to.