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LOG LINE How the C.I.A. botched up the operations to overthrow a Latin American country over bananas. The code name was Operation Success. The repercussions of this operation will cause other failures by the C.I.A in Latin America. The United Fruit Company began their operations in Guatemala in 1904. They owned Guatemala taking over the railroads harbors utility companies and all the land they can grab. They put a puppet regime in to control. As long as the dictator was taken care of the United Fruit Company made sure their private investors and people as high in the U.S. government got their take. In 1944 the people of Gutatemala staged a revolution to oust a dictortor who compare himself to Hitler. It was time for the country to form a democracy. It wasn't until 1954 that Jacobo Arbenz represented the Leftist govenment and started his reform programs. Argriculuture was their main industry. His main objective was to divide up the land for the people to farm on their own. The United Fruit Company made the call. We need to get rid of this guy. This begins the series of bulunders by the C.I.A. The C.I.A. figured without firing a bullet lets take a page from the Nazis. A dose of propoganda. The C.I.A. accused Arbenz's wife during a party dancing with a man who had communist ties. The prefect spin. The U.S. accused Arbenz govenment of being communists. The United Fruit Company was getting anxious. If you need to use the U.S. Army to get Arbenz out do it. There were two radio stations. One was operated by the Guatemalan govenment the other station was operated by a religious minister and his wife. The Guatemalan govenment was broadcasting telling the people of a rebel take over trained by the C.I.A. to take over the government. Orders by air to bomb the radio station. They bombed the wrong radio station the minister and wife were away when it happened. The story gets better.