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The Neon City Murders

My book, The Neon City Murders is a 100,000-word crime drama, think Jarhead meets Death Wish. An Iraq War veteran returns home from the Gulf War only to find he misses the excitement of the battlefield.

In Iraq, Lt. Daniel “Tango” Taylor was an invaluable soldier with a real purpose. He commanded a small unit of Marine Raiders who scoured the countryside on search-and-destroy missions hunting high-value targets. He soon became addicted to the kill and was more suited for taking lives than saving them. Tango turned killing into a sport.

After returning home to the streets of Las Vegas, the slower, mundane pace of the real world becomes intolerable. Without the thrill of the kill, he feels empty. He feels like a modern-day grim reaper tending a city of unsuspecting sheep. Dan eventually gives in and is compelled to kill again, only this time the battlefield is Las Vegas. Dan embarks on the most prolific killing spree in Nevada history. The Metro Police Department assemble a special task force—the best detectives the city has to offer—to hunt him down. Now Tango finds himself on the other end of the search and destroy mission.

I can send a copy of the book if you are interested. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dean Taylor
8515 Edna Ave. Ste 260 | Las Vegas NV 89117
M 702.557.4756 | W 702.331.1350 | Dean@Proexpolv.com