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Midnite's Journey

Midnite and others are abducted by corrupt police and taken to a forced labor camp. They witness murder, torture, corruption, and prostitution. Some survive to tell their stories.

Set primarily in Florida and Georgia, we explore the spirit of the seventies. Picture political upheaval, hippies, Black Panthers, music, sex, and love-ins.
Emotional and rooted in character, this One-Hour Fictionalized version of a True-Life Drama takes the audience on an apocalyptic odyssey that follows the lives of Midnite and others who experienced atrocities hidden by the American government.
1976. Midnite’s musical career is interrupted when he and others are abducted and taken to a backwoods labor camp run by corrupt government officials. The men are forced into hard labor, the women into prostitution. Midnite fights back and is thrown into a sweatbox, hung upside down by chains, and the guards extinguish cigarettes in his armpits. Some of the victims cannot bear the mental and physical torture and go insane, others get murdered.

Midnite escapes and the Feds close the camp. The survivors return to their lives but the nightmare continues. As Midnite returns to his music he and his friends are terrorized by the officials being prosecuted. The terror will not stop until all voices are silenced either through threats or murder. There are trials with few convictions as the event gets swept under the rug.