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Suspense – Action – Serial -Killer - full length screenplay

A 118 Page Screenplay by David Toy
Suspense – Action – Serial Killer - with Humorous Parts
Based on the novel: “Deranged” by David Toy
© Copyright 2012 © - Registered with Library of Congress
Registered with Writers Guild of America East - All Rights Reserved

LOG LINE: A serial killer is murdering women and the well-developed, unique characters provide multiple suspects. Is it a large, mentally challenged man, his guardian who is a former Special Forces Soldier, his British psychiatrist, the psychiatrist’s gay secretary who is a former circus acrobat, two street hoodlums or someone else entirely?

SYNOPSIS: A convenience store, clerk PIA HENDRIKSON checks out two street hoodlums, BOOMER and MANTIS. Boomer makes a pass at her, she declines, Boomer & Mantis sit in their car and watch her through the window. Pia leaves work taking a candy bar for GARNET, her mentally challenged friend. She is grabbed and dragged into an alley.
The following morning, police officers LIEUTENANT UNDERHILL and SERGEANT WALTERS stand over her dead body talking. A few blocks away, Garnet, and RANDY, his caretaker and a former Green Beret, are throwing Ka-Bar knives at a tree and playing mumblety-peg.
Garnet visits his British psychologist, DR. DAVID CLARK, and tells him of Pia’s death and that he accidentally killed his sister RUBY’s cat, then cut it up with his Ka-Bar and put it down the garbage disposal. He points to the Ka-Bar on David’s desk he’d given the doctor. Unknown to the doctor, ANSEL, the doctor’s gay secretary and a former circus acrobat, is listening in.
Ansel meets MAGENTA, a drag queen, repeats the conversation and shows Magenta a Ka-Bar Garnet gave him to play mumblety-peg.
Randy and Garnet are bowling; CAMILLA VEGA, bowls next to them. Boomer and Mantis are playing pool. Camilla gives Garnet pointers., Boomer makes an unsuccessful pass at Camilla.
Garnet rides PEGASUS, his bicycle, to the bowling alley, bowls with Camilla and wins. Camilla takes him to her van and has sex with him. (More comedic than erotic.) Garnet tells Randy and David. Ansel listened in; tells Magenta. They plan to check out Camilla.
Garnet bowls alone, turns to see Camilla watching. She leaves and Garnet anticipates another sexual liaison. He hurries out to find Pegasus broken up and four men waiting.
They accuse him of raping Camilla and plan to beat him up but Randy shows up. Randy takes out three of the hoodlums and Gardner drops one. Randy makes them pay for damaging Pegasus.
Ansel and Magenta play pool at the bowling alley. Boomer and Mantis want the table but Ansel refuses. Ansel sends Camilla a drink and dirty limerick; she throws both in his face. Leaving, Ansel insults Boomer, they fight, Ansel stuns Boomer, kisses him and goes.
Camella goes bowling and when she leaves is struck from behind. Garnet and Randy hear of her murder on T.V. Garnet tells David about it; Ansel listens in.
Garnet tells Randy he went to Jai Alai and met HATTIE JACKSON who owns MONTEGO BAY RESTERANT where Randy does valet parking and that she helped him pick winners.
Randy is parking cars at Montego Bay and gets into a fight with a large customer, knocks him down, jumps on top of him, pulls his Ka-Bar and cuts off a handful of his long hair. Hattie fires Randy.
Garnet bets on Jai Alai with Hattie’s help but is losing; he blames Hattie and is mad at her and tells Randy and David.
At a party, Boomer finds out that PANDA, his ex-girlfriend, is working as a nude dancer at the CARNAL CARNIVAL; she’d left him for carving a “B” in the cheek of her buttocks. He wants her back.
Boomer and Mantis attempt to kidnap Panda as she walks from the parking lot to the Carnal Carnival. Randy is doing valet parking there; he beats up the hoods and is made night manager of the club.
Randy brings Garnet to the Carnal Carnival, introduces him to Panda, Fawn and Bunny. The girls dance nude for him and he comes often. They decide to give him an M.F. They take him for a ride, give him a beer, and Panda performs fellatio on him in the backseat.
Garnet tells Randy and David, Ansel listens in. Garnet is sure Panda loves him, goes to the club and asks her to marry. She tells him he was just a Mercy **** because he is ugly and stupid. Garnet is crushed; he tells Randy and David and Ansel listens in.
Ansel goes to the Carnal Carnival to check out Panda and leaves with a guy. The next day, Panda’s body is found in the parking lot.
Garnet is wearing his Ka-Bar when he visits David. Takes it to look at it and has Garnet feed his aquarium fish. When Garnet turns back, David has put the knife in his drawer and tells Garnet he wants to keep him out of trouble. Garnet demands and gets it back.
Police arrest Boomer and Mantis; traces of Panda’s blood is on his knife. They admit to committing a robbery hundreds of miles away when Panda was murdered.
Garnet is arrested; traces of Pia’s, Camilla’s and Panda’s blood are on his