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Movie Screenplay

‘T.W.E.P’ (To eliminate with extreme prejudice). WGA Reg N0 2192972

LOGLINE: An ace activist for green energy is pursued by a lack-luster murderer.
Genres: Thriller/Suspense
Pitch: Lethal Weapon meets Psycho
Alternate Pitch: North by Northwest meets The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Synopsis: Oliver Brown, of Navajo Tribe an ace activist for green energy policy defender, finds his team dead. He is pursued by Levi Cloutier the responsible hit man who is hired by Canadian Oil Barons. The assassin lacks luster. After a chase across New Hampshire, Galveston, and Massachusetts, Oliver kills Levi. An acquaintance of Oliver, Nimrod Redstone, also of Navajo extraction, briefed on the state of play, broke the fever of the Canadian rail against Oliver. Nimrod lays the ground to clam up the oil curtail.