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Need a production company to help make my screenplay


I have a few screenplays or scripts and manuscripts I have been writing for a while. I am looking for a trustworthy agency accepting new authors or a production company that will take unsolicited work. I have had work stolen in the past and this has created a sense of distrust when a company asks for a release. I would produce it as an indy but need investors which I have no luck in connecting with. I considered self-publishing into a book/manuscript but that takes money as well. Everyone wants you to pay them to help you. If I had the money to do that, I'd self-publish or self-produce.

What I would like to do is network and connect with companies or agencies who will accept unsolicited work that I can trust to not steal my work that can help me publish or produce my work.

I'm not sure how this works so I hope to get some feedback. Thank you.