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"reality" Real international pop stars give behind the scenes look into their life

GLOBAL ICON will take audiences on a journey around the world through the eyes of a pair of music producers as they travel to various countries to collaborate with international artists on pop singles. Our hosts will explore the music of the world like nature is explored in Planet Earth, capturing conversations around a shared passion like Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, while sharing a sibling-like friendship that can get just as contentious as The Teutuls of American Chopper fame.
We aim to showcase the music of the world by following our hosts as they explore the history and cultural context of music in each country they visit. With their newly gained insight from each destination, our producers approach every collaboration with the goal to make music that is reflective of the culture but also universally appealing to its worldwide audience. The series will ultimately result in a viewer experience that is a combination of insightful, informative, playful, and humorous as they witness our hosts transform into citizens of the world.