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Once Upon A Time in San Francisco - The Black Hatchet Feature Film & Graphic Novel

Dear Director of Development;

I wish to submit my feature length action, adventure, drama “Once Upon A Time in San Francisco – The Black Hatchet” to you for consideration.

PITCH DECK: www.onceuponatimeinsf.com

It is based on true stories, events and real people about a vengeful brother searching for his shanghaied sister in the vicious 1906 San Francisco Barbary Coast back alleys!

It is “John Wick” with a “Fist of Fury” melded with “The Punisher” running amok with two razor sharp hatchets in “Gangs of New York” except it is the amoral Barbary Coast.

I was fortunate to meet and discuss “Once Upon A Time in San Francisco – The Black Hatchet” with Stan Lee, adopting his suggestions, plus I have optioned two screenplays “Vaccine” and “Bekandze,” worked for Penny Marshall’s production company Parkway Productions in episodic and feature development and won awards for my short-dark-comedy-stop-motion-animation-horror film “Death Knocks 3 Times.”

My website is a pitch deck for “Once Upon A Time in San Francisco – The Black Hatchet” film and graphic novel. Other projects are listed on the Fog Town Films page.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you would like to read the full screenplay and I will send you a copy immediately!

Michael X Trachiotis