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my big adventure

`My Big Adventure` by Peter Rodney Sumpter
In the first person.
A lesson at school told of the old English words describing surfing in 1779 by Captain James Cook. From here, I won the Britain’s biggest surf Cribbar in Cornwall to be crowned a big wave rider.
Armed with surfboard and 16mm Bolex camera I made films and Prince Charles took lessons from me, and my life story went into pioneering 13 countries filming, giving exhibitions growing the sport on TV making the ` old spice surfing ads ` and hosting the ` Pax film festival in France.
It was in Cornwall that I met and filmed John Lennon at the ancient building called ` the Hueys hut` a place overlooking the surf to check the waves each morning.
I am the winner of 77 trophies from 1952 to present day and the Guinness Book of Records and author of 5 surfing books.
Blessed spiritually as a 10 pound pomme after the war, in 1956 the world of surf lifesaving became astonished as the Hawaiian showed what Captain Cook has seen.
I `ve just made a 2 hour 16mm film on the unique insight into surfing, how it became a world`s most desirable past time. It is in 4K and HD video,which I can show you with a link to `private share" on youtube.
This will show what i want to do, and I would love to have your expertise to make it from champions, the story thread has never been done and why ` style` is the thing that really matters.
Peter Rodney Sumpter