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The Last Silent Show short horror screen play

The Canton Movie Studio founded by Ted Cook And Billy Newsome on the northside of Chicago in 1903. Famous actors got their first start in the silent movie industry at the Canton Movie Studio. Most of the actors and actresses did comedy movies. The great Jackie Pine Tina Dawson Arthur Comstock Karen Bright and Sammy Hoy. The movie studio closed down when all the actors and actresses left the Canton Movie Studio and went to Hollywood. The studio was empty for many years until Davie College bought the building for their liberal arts classes. The story begins when Dan Griffin moves across the street from the studio. He lives in a three story brownstone overlooking the studio. Dan works for a huge advertising agency downtown Chicago and his girlfriend Jan works for a law firm. It was late one night Dan was walking back from his girlsfriends house. All of a sudden a blue haze surrounding Dan was pulling him across the street. The blue haze disappear Dan was standing in the front of the studio. He looked around the street it was clobble stoned and the lamppost was different very old looking. Then a huge car pulls up in the front of the studio it says Packard on the front. Dan stands there waiting to see who is coming out. A man in a security uniform comes our and goes down the steps opens the car door. He helps the man out. The man is short with thick eyebrows a goatee wearing a white tuxedo and white cowboy hat. The man in uniform opens the door and addresses him Good Evening Mr. Pine. Mr. Pine returns the greeting Hello Burns. Dan asks the security man Who is that? Security man anserews him back. That is the famous comic actor Jackie Pine. Where have you been? Dan sees a newspaper blowing down the sidewalk he picks it up and sees the headlines and the date September 10 1903. He asks the security man before he goes in. What is the date? Security man anserws him it is 1903. Are you allright lad? Dan has a scared look on his face runs across the street and runs inside his building. up the stairs and his hand is shaking trying to unlock the door. He runs to his balcony and looks across the street at the studio. It is darl inside he looks at the lamppost the are back to normal. Dan is talking to himself. I had two glasses of wine. I felt fine coming home. He looked at the clock it was 12:30am This happen at midnight. Dan was trying to convince himself it was bad dream. He couldn't sleep the whole night what he just experience. The movie studio comes to life at midnight. Dan goes through a tuff time trying to tell his friends and girlfriend about the haunted studio.