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The Navada Gang - a sci-fi horror comedy

A sci-fi horror comedy about the worse mercenaries in the universe fighting projectile vomiting zombies. And polka music.

Like zombies? Even puking ones? How about sci-fi stuff like laser gun fights, spaceships, and space bats?
Okay then, how about a bunch of lovable twats shooting laser guns at projectile vomiting zombies, while escaping a prison spaceship and ******** at each other about who flushed their pet space bat down the toilet?
Not too complicated for you?
Well if you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions (especially that last one), then "The Navada Gang" is just for YOU!
The lovable twats/protagonists are "The Navada Gang" themselves; Palmo, Guthrie, Brenda and Dave. A mercenary group so rubbish at their job, their highest customer rating on Rent-A-Merc is a single three star review from some bloke they accidently castrated while rescuing.
Now the baddies/antagonists of "The Navada Gang" on the other hand aren't twats but right *******s. There's Vertex, Warden of the prison spaceship The Pahpshmir, and lover of polka music (so unsurprisingly is a sadomasochist). His sycophant number two in command, and unrequited love interest, Barry.
And then there's Jimmy Squiggly; a giggling hard as nails gangster, with a canister of bioengineered nanobot zombie virus shoved up his bottom.
And lets not forget The Pahpshmir's crew and prisoners; who all get turned into zombies struggling to retain fragments of their lost humanity, while throwing up everywhere.
So strap in, strapon, and pop in a suppository, because "The Navada Gang" is one wild sci-fi horror comedy!